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Overhead X-Ray
Support System

Strut is ideal for working in a hospital or medical facility. Utilizing a mechanical nut and bolt connection and applying the strength of steel, Strut can eliminate the need for structural steel. Strut also eliminating welding and the associated problems in an enclosed area (i.e. smoke and odor).

Our strut system is the industry standard for supporting overhead x-ray equipment. Although the design and layout for installing our systems varies, the same basic concepts apply to all of our supports. The systems can be supported from above by strut concrete insert, structural steel beams, engineered bar joist or even an expansion anchor into concrete slab. Three (3) rail systems and eight (8) rail universal grid systems are among the most common types of overhead x-ray supports. If the overhead structure is not capable of supporting the weight of the equipment, we can design a free standing support with columns placed in the wall cavity.
xray photos
xray photos
We have designed and installed systems for very complex catherization laboratories as well as economical fluoroscopy x-ray rooms. In the past we have had great success in supporting equipment manufactured by General Electric, Siemens, Phillips, Picker and many small independent x-ray companies. Working with contractors and architects from New York to Washington DC and Altoona (PA) to the shore line of New Jersey and Delaware, Strut Service Company has shown the ability to get the job done.

Other types of supports we provide in hospitals and medical facilities are;

  • Operating Room Light Supports
  • Surgical / Treatment Room Light Supports
  • Medical Gas Column & Track Supports
  • CT Scan Injector Supports
  • Radiation Shielding Supports
  • TV Monitor Supports (wall & ceiling)

    For more information on these types of supports, please do not hesitate to contact us. Strut Service Company is here to SERVE in any way possible. Whether its providing an idea or design, furnishing material only or Designing, Furnishing and Installing. we are confident we can get the job done.

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